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I'm a new guy to this forum (been lurking for a while), but not so new to frontiers or forums. I'm a member of a few: KLR650.NET - Your Kawasaki KLR650 Resource! KLR650 Forums, Photos, Mods & KLR Tech ThumperTalk (klx450r forum mostly) International Falconry Forum (Broadwing - Buteo forum mostly)

I had a '00 that I purchased in '02 or '03 and put several thousand good miles on. Last Friday I traded her in for an '06 nismo crew cab. I was looking at putting cams, headers and exhaust on the older one and was looking at the power gains I would get and then this '06 came in the picture and I decided it was a better platform to start with.

As you may have noted I ride motorcycle so the truck is relegated to minimal summer driving and mostly winter time commutes and hunting tasks.

I am planning on putting an A.R.E. topper on it with a walk in door (pictured below) so my bird can ride in the back. In the older truck I removed the passenger seat and she rode in the cab with me.

Since I am talking about the bird here is a picture of her and I.

I hope to be a productive member of this forum so I can pass on some info for the rest of the visitors, since I have already learned so much here. One thing that I already see coming is a stebel air horn install. I had them mounted in the '00 and they would get wildlife off the road very nicely.
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