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Hello from NY and MD

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Hello everybody!
I am a new owner of a 2007 Frontier 2 wheel drive with an automatic transmission.
Desperately looking for guidance. I purchased my Frontier, drove to Glen Burnie MD to see my dad and I noticed my transmission went into safe mode?
When I checked for codes it's telling me the brake solenoid is bad.

It drives fine when I start then it goes into safe mode. I restart it and the same thing happens.
I'm somewhat mechanically inclined.
However, I need help with some things.
I would appreciate your help.
I looked on eBay to just buy all solenoids but I don't even know what type(number) of transmission I have. It's not a 4x4.
Is it save to drive the truck back to NY in safe mode?
I looked at the oil and thank God there is no "strawberry milkshake"
I need some help.

I saw a few videos on YouTube that show step by step how to check and replace the solenoid/ solenoids but it was for a g35.
Any guidance will be appreciated.

I'm afraid to take it to the dealership or to a transmission shop for fear I'll get ripped off.
Especially if I can do it myself.
I also would like to add a separate cooler to prevent the issue with the oil mixing with the coolant.

I really would like your help. Especially with finding out which transmission I have.

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Strawberry milkshake is a mixture of auto trans fluid w/ radiator coolant.

Are you I4 or V6?

Good luck trouble shooting.
Hello and thank you for your fast answer.
It is an L4 dohc Extended cab 2.5L Xe king cab 2wd.
Any help will be appreciated !

In a nutshell,
Type or number of the automatic transmission.
Can the truck be driven from MD to Ny in safe mode.
Code states its the brake solenoid.
Would like to buy all solenoids, maybe from ebay (is it necessary?)
Thank you!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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