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Hello from NY and MD

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Hello everybody!
I am a new owner of a 2007 Frontier 2 wheel drive with an automatic transmission.
Desperately looking for guidance. I purchased my Frontier, drove to Glen Burnie MD to see my dad and I noticed my transmission went into safe mode?
When I checked for codes it's telling me the brake solenoid is bad.

It drives fine when I start then it goes into safe mode. I restart it and the same thing happens.
I'm somewhat mechanically inclined.
However, I need help with some things.
I would appreciate your help.
I looked on eBay to just buy all solenoids but I don't even know what type(number) of transmission I have. It's not a 4x4.
Is it save to drive the truck back to NY in safe mode?
I looked at the oil and thank God there is no "strawberry milkshake"
I need some help.

I saw a few videos on YouTube that show step by step how to check and replace the solenoid/ solenoids but it was for a g35.
Any guidance will be appreciated.

I'm afraid to take it to the dealership or to a transmission shop for fear I'll get ripped off.
Especially if I can do it myself.
I also would like to add a separate cooler to prevent the issue with the oil mixing with the coolant.

I really would like your help. Especially with finding out which transmission I have.

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Strawberry milkshake is a mixture of auto trans fluid w/ radiator coolant.

Are you I4 or V6?

Good luck trouble shooting.
Try a search - is my best advice on particulars. At times, OEM parts are superior to aftermarket...therefore worth the extra cost. IMHO, when it comes to electronics I'd spend the extra money.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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