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Hello from Maryland

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Just a new guy saying hey, Bought my 2006 Frontier Nismo a few months back with 170k on the body and 80k on the engine. Truck has a 1.5 or 2 in spacer lift up front and 3 in blocks in the rear(both were there when i bought it). Planning to do a titan swap very soon, I'm pretty sure I've read almost every post about what to do and what not to do. 2.0 Radflo TS coilovers are expected any day now with 600lb springs, ordered from PRG. Along with adjustable TS UCA from SPC which were also ordered from PRG. Should be a good learning process, unsure if i will take off the sway bar up front or leave it (this is my daily). Everything else for the swap i'll be ordering in the upcoming weeks (wanted to get the more expensive stuff out of the way). Looking to get some of those Fuel Vector 16x8 matte black wheels and match them up with some 285/75r16's. Looking forward to post updates on the build.::grin::


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Welcome to CF. I believe that you will need a Titan sway bar if you do the swap, the old one will be too short.
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