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I recently purchased a white 2016 King Cab SV 4x4 and will be soon adding a few necessary bolt-ons to upgrade my truck.

Previously I had two Tacomas, with the Offroad package, and then a Subaru Forester before my 2016 Frontier. I tried the small SUV but after two engine changes under warranty and missing the usefulness of my trucks, I decided it was time to sink the Sub and look for another truck. :serious:

Back in 08 I had originally planned on buying a Frontier but the local Nissan dealer tried to screw me so I bought my first Tacoma instead. This time around, when I starting looking at trucks again, I found the new Tacomas very fugly, the full sized trucks just too damn big (Bed rail at chin height with a step ladder in the tailgate? Really? (I'm 5'10")), and still liking the looks of the Frontier I bought one at a dealer in another town. It has been a big circle but I'm happily here now.

Quick question.
Does this truck have stake pockets under the plastic bed rail covers? I'd like to add some kind of rack to throw my canoe on while still having a bed cover and the use of the trailer hitch.

Take care guys,

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