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Hello From Colorado

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Hey all, I'm Jason from Colorado. I'm new to the Frontier; having just purchased a 2016 SV in black. No mods to speak of, but looking to do a lift, wheels, tires. I came from the Jeep world, so am accustomed to having a lot of aftermarket goodies available. The Wrangler was sold for something a little more dual-purpose. Figured the Frontier would take me up some FS roads where I'll continue to do my camping, MTBing, and haul a dirt bike.

Glad to be part of the Frontier family. Look forward to learning from you all. Here she is:
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First post with a pic = AWESOME !!!!!
Truck looks really nice.
Welcome Jason! Nice rig there.
Welcome - hope you love your Fronty as much as many of us do. They're great trucks and very capable.
Welcome, good looking truck! The Frontier and community surrounding it is amazing from what I have experienced so far. Nice to see more people from CO. I ride dirt bikes as well! Maybe I will see you out there
Welcome from Kremmling Colorado! Lots of good resources around! Good looking truck!
Welcome from COS!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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