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Hey All,
I have been a long time lurker on the forum. Thank you to everyone for the wealth of information posted here. The truck actually belongs to my daughter. We have made a limited number of modifications to it. It is a 2015 CCSB 4x4 SV Auto in the super bright blue. She saved money from 8 years old to purchase the truck. We put a rough country lift on the truck and modified the intake filter box using 4" plumbing couplers from Home Depot. Also, we added JBL GTO series 6x9s and 6.5" speakers and they are powered by a pioneer 4 channel amp under the drivers seat. It sounds terrible because the dash speakers are still unamplified, so I need to fix that.
I have been driving the truck once a week while my daughter is on a mission for our church in Brazil. I have the front sway bar removed from the truck and it is currently under Finite Engineering Analysis using Solid Works to determine the best way to reduce the torsional strength without creating hot spots that could induce failure. Will post more information and pictures when that little project is complete. Hopefully it will help those who don't want to completely remove the sway bar but realize it is way oversized.

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Interested in your analysis. I use Solid Works also.
Just to let you know,I snapped PRG end links and bent a Titan sway bar on my Frontier.
I no longer run one.
Been to Aurora when I lived in Lakewood. Can't remember why I went there it was so long ago.
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