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Hello Everyone!

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Hey everyone I am new to this forum and am happy to be a member here. Basically I own a 2005 frontier LE 4x4 that I didnt really take care of for a while but now that my finances are healthy again am getting it back into good shape! I am trying to do as much as I can by myself and have found that learning about the truck and getting in there and doing it myself has made me a lot more excited about my truck. :)
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Welcome to CF.
There is no better satisfaction than knowing you did it yourself.

Thanks! For example, today i fixed(sorta) a CEL that has been on for a while. while my truck was parked out front some idiot stole a secondary cat(i think that's what they're called) :thatswck: and they also ripped out the downstream heated o2 sensor and even after replacing it the cel was still on. I need to get it emission checked in 2 weeks, so I need to have the cel turned off for the inspection. So i did the little O2 sensor trick with the spark plug foulers and finally got rid of the light and should be ready to go with the emissions check! It was reading obd codes p0403 and p1283 so I think the catalyst converter may be fried, but I'll fix that when I have the cash for a new cat. anyway here is a pic of what it looks like now. I was on a budget so I got the local mexican mechanic shop to weld a new nut onto the exhaust pipe for 30 bucks. I then paid them 2 bucks to bore out the second sparkplug fouler that the o2 sensor sits in. you can see the 2 sparkplug foulers threaded into the exhaust pipe with the o2 sensor threaded into the foulers. the dealer swore that nothing short of a $1200 completely new exhaust system would fix the light.
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Welcome to the forum.

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