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Yep that is the plan :) I think I've found everything I would need for this on Z1 Off-Road - Performance OEM and Aftermarket Engineered Parts Global Leader Nissan Truck & SUV

One thing I'm still interested in is figuring out if I can order an OEM "midnight" black bumper from somewhere? So far I don't really like any of the aftermarket bumpers.

I don't remember where I snagged this picture from, but my goal is to have my truck look like this, but with a black Nissan emblem as well (and no midnight badge).
You could probably DIY paint the back bumper. Prepping the bumper and using some color matched paint would probably do just fine and look great. You could do the same with the front grill. I have a Midnight edition but with Gun Metallic paint. Its a cool look, but the black is certainly more stealth.
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