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Hello... considering a 16 SV 4x4

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Hi all,

As I type I have a blue 2016 SV 4x4 with the Value Package sitting in my driveway on an "extended test drive". Am seriously considering purchasing it.. best truck you can get for the money these days. Hope I end up buying it and sticking around these parts. If I can get it for the "internet price" on the dealer's site (26,500) I will probably get it.

Also test drove a Tacoma SR5 and TRD Off Road. I actually like how the Frontier drives better. Price is better too. ::laugh::
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I drive an SV with the Pro4x tire size. I have emergency chains for it and run ATs. Will put Blizzaks on it this year, as the ATs left me hanging on our icier mile long gravel drive. I wish I had gone Pro4x for the suspension, tires, upgrades interior etc.. The cloth seats aren't well built IMO. I run seat covers.

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Tow package was not included in 2012 SV. Bought a Curt hitch assembly and self installed for ~$200 including wiring harness. The Frontiers have a tranny cooler on all of the 4.0s. So no additional need there.

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