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Hello... considering a 16 SV 4x4

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Hi all,

As I type I have a blue 2016 SV 4x4 with the Value Package sitting in my driveway on an "extended test drive". Am seriously considering purchasing it.. best truck you can get for the money these days. Hope I end up buying it and sticking around these parts. If I can get it for the "internet price" on the dealer's site (26,500) I will probably get it.

Also test drove a Tacoma SR5 and TRD Off Road. I actually like how the Frontier drives better. Price is better too. ::laugh::
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How much more is a pro4x?
3k, so 29,500.

I don't need the locker. The nicer tires might be nice.
Oh no... now I am back on the fence between the two.. ;) either one is a great price
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Now I'm seriously considering the Pro-4x over the SV. The SV has the value package so it has the tow hitch and bed extender. I will use the tow hitch... probably won't ever use the bed extender. The Pro-4x (same color, $3K more) doesn't come with those but I can get a tow hitch for like $100 and install it myself.

The tires and the Pro-4x "cool factor" make the biggest immediate difference for me. Those Hankook HTs really aren't such great tires for off road or serious snow. The Hankook AT-Ms are pretty good in the snow which will be our biggest concern since our gravel driveway is almost a mile long and has about 400 constant feet of 20-25% grade straight up.

Can you fit chains on a Pro-4x?
bought a pro-4x!

Well, you all convinced me. I called the dealer today and asked if they would let me compare the SV and the pro-4x as they had one at another lot close by. After looking at and test driving the pro-4x that is what we ended up with. So after some lengthy negotiations here is what is sitting in our garage... will post better pics when it is light out.


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Your welcome
So what year, mileage, new or used? And most important the end price?
2016, new, 32 miles on the odometer. We didn't qualify for all the rebates to get the internet price (what a racket) so our OTD price was 33,200. Traded in a 2010 Camry with 94k on it to bring that down to 27 even.

33,525 (msrp - additional floormats option lol)
900 (destination fee)
34,425 Total MSRP

31,200 total after discounts
2000 (approximate taxes, tags, and such.. in bed and don't have the exact numbers in front of me)

Totals 33,200. Not an amazing deal but not horrible either. $1200 or so under invoice after discounts.
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