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Hello all

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I've been lurking around here for a little bit, thought I'd come out and say hello. I'm currently debating the purchase of a 2010 Equator Crew Cab Sport V6. I wasn't planning on buying anything until next summer, but Suzuki has 0% for 60 months right now - basically the same as paying cash.

For those of you with Crew Cabs, how do you feel about the 5' bed? I thought it looked small, until I compared numbers and it's the same as the Ridgeline, bigger than the Sport Trac, and only slightly smaller than the Avalanche.

I'm taking the CEO (my wife) to see the truck on Saturday - we'll see what she thinks.

Current negotiated offer is $23,399 - $500 college grad (my wife finished her masters just under 2 years ago) + TTL,Doc = $24,969.43 out the door. Thoughts on that?

I'm currently conflicted as to whether or not I really want a truck... I thought I did until it became a possibility, now I'm questioning it again. I'm much more of a sporty-sedan person, and am worried I'll be bored with truck handling. It would definitely be nice to put my bikes in the back, and make home depot runs without cramming stuff into my wife's Santa Fe.

Decisions, Decisions.
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Well, I took the wife to see the truck and go for another test drive this weekend. Then, we went and drove a Tacoma, then a Tundra, then looked at Silverado1500s and Avalanches (all are 0% for 60, except the Tacoma).

I wanted to drive the Tacoma because it was the closest competitor to the Frontier/Equator. I did like the interior better, but it felt weaker (~30hp less) than the Equator, and the footspace is very cramped for my size 14 feet.

The Tundra felt like I was driving an F450. That thing is ridiculously big. There were no Titan's to be found to try out. I like the midsize trucks better. Chevy/GMC was only looked at because of their 0% deals. Avalanche costs too much and Silverado is just meh.

So, after all that, the wife is on-board with the Equator purchase. :fantastic: Now I'm back to haggling.

There are 2 Suzuki dealers in my area - err, within 50 miles of my house. The closer one is the one I am dealing with. They matched the price to where the farther away dealer was willing to sell the truck. However, the farther away one will give LIFETIME powertrain warranty on all new Suzukis. So, I sent an email off to the salesman this morning and said I need to see that happen, or additional cash discounts / accessories added. Honestly, I'd rather have a cash discount than the powertrain lengthened over the already-long 7yr/100,000mile.

So, now I'm waiting impatiently to see what they say. Maybe I'll have a new truck before the weekend!
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Dealer 1 says the lifetime powertrain warranty of Dealer 2 is a joke - because it is only good at that dealer for service. Wants to sell me a $500 7yr/60,000 bumper to bumper warranty instead, which can be used at any Zuk dealership.


I responded with some numbers showing that it's like a $1 for every 48 miles to have that extra warranty (over the basic Suzuki Warranty). Really, I'd just be happy if they threw in mudflaps.
Heard from the far-away dealer, that their lifetime warranty is good at ANY dealer, not just theirs. Which makes me not so happy with the other dealer, since they lied to me. The suck part is the thought of driving 1.5 hours (without traffic) after work (with traffic) to try to get up there.
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