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hello all

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new older guy here + prolly getting a frontier SOON!!! i unfortunately slid on ice + destroyed my 08 colorado LS standard cab + 4 WD + anemic 4 cyl with a 5 spd stick so i was thinkin about an SV is now necessary! i enjoy forums + all the learning + info that comes with them, especially since this is a first Nissan truck. prolly 2 wks when my total loss payment comes in. it will be preowned to fit my budget!! happy + healthy holidays to all.
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thank you all, thanks for that informational link as i start teaching myself even before i actually get a new vehicle. i am in the process of getting a 2011 SV transferred to a closer seller within a selling network, its a stick + 2 doors a requirement for me! i like standard cabs best but like manual transmissions they get harder to find as years go bye. i might have bought new because of the warranty but lack of the manual shift killed that. the 2001 i am interested in has 28,000 on the clock + is priced above NADA, the seller will need to come down a bit IMO, time will tell
still shopping with 2 possibilities as manual trannies + 2 doors with the V-6 are not plentiful! i was hoping to get preowned for about $15G but it seems it will be closer to $20G for one without a million miles on it!! with many engines today going 200,000 its the other drivetrain parts i am concerned about
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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