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hello all new to site oil problem 06

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hello all. I have a 2006 nissan frontier and am having problems.

I was driving along...all was fine....oil light flickered on and truck lost power....I pulled over, truck stalled and wouldnt' start.
I had it towed to garage... left it for the weekend. and on the monday started it, it seemd to run fine but oil pressure seemed very low.
I had the oil was very dirty,
Truck will now start and run for a few mins and then will making a ticking/knocking sound.

A few things come to mind but I'm at a loss? oil pump? plugged oil pick up in oil pan?

any help or suggestions would be great.

Thanks in advance.
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Dirty oil:
Any chance there is a crack or unplugged opening in your intake b/tw the filter and the intake manifold?
Aftermarket filter/intake?? If so, is it all intact?
^^^ Just some possible ways for dirt to get in.

PCV functioning adequately?

Any repercussions from having to replace your oil pan?

You might try an oil analysis...Blackstone?
Still smoking? Can you verify proper oil pressure with a real gauge?
There is the possibility of sludge in other places, though only a visual check would verify. If you haven't done so, at least check the PCV valve...changing it for a new one is a peace of mind thing.
If you can determine it is safe to run/drive, I'd change that oil AND filter out real soon. Then rinse and repeat, again for peace of mind.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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