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Hello everybody.

I'm new to this forum board.

I have a 2005 Frontier Nismo. Previously had a old 1998 Pathfinder that I traded in for the truck. Right now I am working on upgrading the sound system inside since I got spoiled on the aftermarket system that the Pathfinder had (previous owner left it in).

So, a few questions I have or if someone can point me to the right sub forum for the info.

I am looking to put some subs under the back seats. So what is a good enclosure and some good quality subs? I am not aiming for super, loud sound but nice clear, tight bass to add more depth to the music I listen to. The genres I listen mostly to are rock, heavy rock, and metal, while on occasions I listen to classical, dubstep, and jazz. I already got aftermarket twitters and door speakers that I am currently installing.

Since this truck got some mileage on it (around 177K), I am looking to replace out worn parts like wire harness, springs, shocks, etc. What are some good aftermarket parts for this truck I can get? Already replaced a sensor, alternator, and battery. Going to soon take the entire throttle body off since I have to replace the seal on the left hand valve cover. Any advice while I am in there what parts I can replace?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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