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We are currently working on the Frontier rear bumper design now and the first batch is going through production. Pictures and options will be available soon.

Chris Hefty
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When I chose the rear bumper selection button I was disappointed to see only a tire mount!?
I like your front bumper design and was interested in viewing pics of your rear bumper. ?
I would rather use aluminum for both but I'm not sure of the level of abuse the rear bumper could accept, as far as pulling or snatching, before it begins to yield. Will you please provide your interest in crafting a good looking bumper for the rear as you have done for the front? Could I drill it here, after deliver, for the back up sensors? Also I would like a cut on each side of the bumper to access the bed

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That's great to hear. A little late for me as I ordered the shrock rear with the group buy. Hope it all works out and that the orders start rolling in.
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