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Heater / Defrost issue?

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I have an 05 Frontier - 100K miles (yes already). I have noticed I have to drive a couple miles before the heater/defrost blows any heat. I live in Tahoe and its cold! Any suggestions?
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You need to be more specific on the trucks behavior. My new truck takes that long too from a fresh cold start. Now if you said that it only blows warm or hot under acceleration and cools down at a standstill then you have low anti freeze level and air in the system.

Damn Clint you're everywhere...

Yes it is warm during acceleration and cools when I am coasting down a hill or at a light. I Do take my truck into the dealer for the oil every 4-5k miles they check the levels of all my fluids and it checks out okay...
Add some coolant to the "overflow" bottle. Go about an inch over the fill line and see if it fixes your problem.
Damn Clint you're everywhere...
Is that a bad thing? :hi:

My last truck did the same thing and a little extra in the bottle topped it off. Some trucks get a trapped air pocket and this method seems to get it out.

yeah the VQ motors have a problem with getting air trapped in the heater core, when you are accelerating it forces the air out of the heater core and you get heat and when you stop it settles back there again. just overfill the coolant res, as said, one night and it will force the air out and you should be good. its hard to keep up on this since your res will still say full when really you are low and there is air collecting in your heater core. no dealer needed for this, i've had it on my z and my frontier (much worse on my z)
Damn not again:willy_nilly:

Yes, what they said. My truck will do this on it's own every so often without any air leaks because all the hoses are new. There is a bleeder valve on the firewall and the overflow tank trick works too.
Thanks Clint..that seems to have done the trick!
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