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Headlights from anyone?

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Can anyone attest to the quality of the headlights from

Here’s the product link to their reflector housing lens:

I’m thinking of giving these a try, but before ordering I would like to check with others to see if they have been tried & tested.

Additionally, I searched around but was unable to find a thread of everyone posting 2nd gen (05-08) frontier front half. I would like to explore options there as far as different headlights , front bumper, grille & paint scheme to see what looks good on this truck.

Thanks, Christian
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I bought some for a 2000 Altima off The fit and finish appear to be as good as OEM. The headlight bulbs that some installed are fairly dim and yellowish but they included a pair of brighter bulbs to replace them with. Have not tried and tested them because it's my Brother's car and he will be driving it in LA.
Great, I’ll try it out for the Frontier , how about that “best looking 2nd gen” thread , do those exist here ? I’m not a fan of my chrome, but I don’t know how I’m going to handle it yet, color match, accent color, plastidip ect, would like to see what others do specifically with
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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