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Headlights for Sale

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Right and Left. Pics if needed. Nothing wrong with them. $50 shipped US
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OEM? I know you said nothing wrong but just confirming the tabs are good?
Yes they are OEM lights. Tabs are fine. (Unlike these cheap ebay replacements). I also have the box my replacements came in that is a perfect fit with foam so no issues with shipping.
I'm heading up to Zion National Park tomorrow through Sunday. If you still have them when I get back, I will buy them from you. I have an iTrader rating of 5 on TitanTalk under the name AZTitanSE.
Sounds good. Check back then
why did you replace them? Are they scratched up badly ?
No they are fine. I replaced them because I wanted HID's.
1 - 7 of 13 Posts