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Headlights dimming the headunit screen

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So I was reading another thread, and it stated the trip reset was the illumination dimmer. I always wondered why this truck didn’t have that. So I got all excited hoping it controlled the stereo in my 2014 SV, but it doesn’t. Here is my question tho, can I unhook the wire that controls the dimming of the headunit? What I would like to accomplish is using my backup camera in the day with the lights on. I am lazy and never turn the lights off, but that make the screen so light it’s useless in the Florida sun. Anybody have any tricks for this?

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I know in my 2018 SV, if you put the truck in reverse & press the enter/setting button, you can adjust the brightness of the screen in "back-up camera mode". The brightness settings can also be adjusted separately between have the headlights on or off (in both radio mode & back-up camera mode).
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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