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I was just wondering what everyone thinks about headers for the new frontier V-6's. I know nismo has came out with thiers and JBA headers will be out at the end of the month. Do they improve HP and TQ? Would it be better to get thermal coated headers or will stainless steel be ok. And if anyone would like to share their stories about getting headers id appreciate it, thanks alot
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Does anyone have any sites where I can research these NISMO headers and intakes everyone is talking about?

I thought they could be had at, but I guess not. . .
Awesome. I've been on the site looking for info on Frontier products, but there really was much information to be had. Probably because the products are planned but are still in R&D from what you are saying. With what they did with the Tundra, I'm excited to see what they will have for the Frontier.

That's awesome. I didn't know you were the donor truck. Does that mean you'll get the headers and exhaust for free? If so, you have to do a complete update with crazy pics. I hope they learn from what others put out thus far (i.e. Banks 3" piping).
I don't understand why Nissan doesn't push NISMO here in the States any harder. The only thing official I've seen is that NISMO portion of the site. Why is it that we have to go to a website like the one Mike posted to even find out that NISMO makes aftermarket upgrades?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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