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Hey everyone, I have a 2013 CC with the SV Truck convenience package. My head unit has Iphone streaming, BT phone (only), and of course cd, xm, etc etc. It has the Aux 3.5mm jack and the USB port as well. I'm able to stream stuff from my iphone over USB but not BT and I know after looking through the forums that is normal, but I am curious to know are the newer year models with the SV truck package including a head unit that does BT streaming, or is it only something you get if you have the Nav or Rockford head units? I was just curious about if it would be possible to take a 2016 SV model and put it in a 2013. I tried searching some and found some great threads but nothing that really covered the lower tier head units, like the SV truck radio. It might have just been my search method though.

Thanks if someone can help smarten me up! :nerd:
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