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Head unit install question

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I have a 08 SE with the base model radio in it. I am looking to getting a unit of a fellow memeber and it is coming out of a 07 and I think i read some where the wiring harness is different between the 07 and 08.

Is this true?

Would I need to pick on of these up to make the connection with out cutting the factory plug?
Nissan Receiver Wire Harness For select 2007-up models at
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Yes, they are different harnesses.

The harness you linked is for putting an after market stereo in. You're getting another factory one, right?
No I am installing an aftermarket radio that has been installed on a 07.

yep, different harness between 07 and 08. you would need an adapter harness for the 08 and a reverse harness for the 07.
So I need a different harness then what I linked? Currently the radio is hooked up with a harness from a 07.
so your buying an aftermarket radio and NOT another factory radio, correct? if so, then you just need the 07 and up harness. the frontier didnt change harness plugs till 08 where other nissan models changed in 07.
Yes I am buying a aftermarket radio from another memeber that currently has it installed in a 07. SO he already has the harness done to fit his 07 truck.

I have a 08 so I now know that the current plug on the radio will not work in my truck. SO do I buy the correct plug for my truck and resplice the wires? Or is there a adapter that I can leave his 07 plug on the radio and convert it for my 08?

If I need to get the new plug and resplice the wiring I am fine with that I am just not 100% sure of what part I need.
Is this correct part? Nissan Receiver Wire Harness For select 2007-up models at
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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