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Steering Problem Major F***up

After experiencing similar conditions on my steering as expressed by previous contributors on this issue, I brought my truck to the dealership yesterday and my service advisor gave me the run around about low tire pressure and even pretended to check my tire pressure-geee that was so cheap. They couldnt accommodate me due to high volume because of the holiday..thats more bs. she called somebody to have a "look" on it on the ptretense for a "test drive" all he needed to do was start the engine, tilted up the steering wheel and shook it without effort...thats all it took and he said(the tech) thats your problem and he agreed it was a steering column issue and asked is it a SAFETY CONCERN the tech guy just nodded he did not confirm verbally but his actions confirmed my assumptions. I asked the advisor if they will provide me with a loaner since it was not safe to drive the truck..and she said NISSAN does not provide this service and I asked her "will you sign a waiver that you are releasing my truck knowing that there is a problem and that there is a safety issue involved" she said no but she wouldnt provide a loaner as well. I asked to talk to a supervisor obviusly I was dealing with a Duh A*** its was not worth my time. The least the supervisor could tell me was sorry we are booked today da da da but he was in synch with his advisor but the tone of voice was so different this time around. NO LOANER until the vehicle was inspected and in the meantime I would be driving an unsafe vehicle and he refused to sign a waiver to release the truck.....I will call NISSAN CONSUMER again asked about this...Ill keep you readers posted..before I forget I posted a complained with NHTSA last night and for your information and guidance there were like 4 complaints on this similar issue

braindead said:
Now I'm getting paranoid... mine is a 2007... but no status on whether the bad part has been fixed..etc....

Been doing more research on this issue and someone took it positively, "steering is just another issue and can be addressed" I just wish it was that easy if NISSAN will admit to this defect and if the vehicle is under warranty Im not even talking about extended warranty just the basic manufacturers warranty and promise to fix the problem then we wouldnt be so paranoid about it.

The dealership people are themselves making an issue about it, not all but I am sure a lot would not hesitate to pull one over us customers.

The price of a brand new NISSAN Frontier SE 2x4 about 25,000 USD the price of a loaner to accommodate a customer, say 2 days about 70 US Dollars.

What is wrong with the picture here? The cost of replacing a Steering Column? The price of a life/lives saved? I wrote a complaint to NISSAN USA...a complaint to NHTSA next the local news

Keep the fire burning guys and gals keeep loving your trucks....I DO:mad:
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