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Just got home with a fun experience at the dealership and got robbed over my trade in because it was an old itty - bitty - little car and now have something that is a bit newer, and 2x bigger.

I picked up a nice white Frontier with a bit too much bolt on dealer profit items....when I showed up today I asked to see a 4 banger + King cab + stick + a/c - and they had to go to the website to see if there was such a beast.... So the cheap version was not to be found within 200+ miles...

So I ended up with a nice sv6, white and with as few bolt on junk items that I would have to remove once I took it home.

For the most part, not sure what each of the parts are parts cost, just the total...

Now to find a good source for consumables, oil filters, air filters, crush washers, etc to make sure I have the necessary stuff to do an oil change.

So if there is good source for those sort of things from a sponsored company, point me to the right spot.
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