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Have you added an aftermarket security system?

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Just buoght an '04 Frontier King Cab and it has no security system. I'm considering a Python 460Max installed by a local dealer. He wants $300 total including installation. I can order the unit for $85.00 myself. I almost think $300 is an overkill for a Frontier. If I could order it myself and pay someone to install and get out for under $200 I'd go for it.

What are your experiences in an aftermarket system? Which one did you get? Are you happy with it? What would you do different next time?

Thanks in advance!
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I have a Viper 5701 in my car, that thing works a mile away. Literally, a mile, no ****. I have a Compustar in my truck, remote start, alarm with a motion detector in case I want to leave my windows down at work nobody can reach in without it going off. I am happy with them both.
H Town what did you pay for all that? Who installed? Best Buy?
The Viper system was installed in Hawaii, at a local audio/sound system/ rim shop place. I had over 5 grand worth of stuff installed that day. Speakers, head unit, alarm, interior accessories. The alarm was actually the 5901, typo there. The cost of the alarm was as follows, 550 for the unit, the glass break sensor and battery back-up unit were 120, then installation was 200. Then minus 10% and no tax since I am military. It was expensive, however these guys were a highly reputable shop that does car shows around Hawaii, they did very good work.
My truck I had done here in Virginia. I know a guy who runs his own mobile installation service. Mobile meaning he comes to your house and does everything in your driveway, which is why I had him do work for me in the first place. He does everything electronic, like audio systems, neon light kits, this guy puts alarms on scooters, he did my truck for 550 even. I had the basic remote start/alarm package, a 3000' range remote, and the motion detector under the center console.
I would personally not go to Best Buy. In my opinion, it seems like to me they are worried more about mass production, and less about customer satisfaction. I had a head unit installed on a car at a Best Buy in Hawaii, and was extremely unimpressed with the job. They left all their trash in my car, and were kind of rude. I was just generally unimpressed. That is my opinion on places like Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.
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