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Have you added an aftermarket security system?

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Just buoght an '04 Frontier King Cab and it has no security system. I'm considering a Python 460Max installed by a local dealer. He wants $300 total including installation. I can order the unit for $85.00 myself. I almost think $300 is an overkill for a Frontier. If I could order it myself and pay someone to install and get out for under $200 I'd go for it.

What are your experiences in an aftermarket system? Which one did you get? Are you happy with it? What would you do different next time?

Thanks in advance!
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i have a viper 5701 that has remote start and 2 way paging and all that, you can get a viper 350hv+ install at bestbuy for about 250, comes with a lifetime warranty on the install and brain (as long as you register with directed within like 10 days), nationwide warranties are always good
I would personally not go to Best Buy. In my opinion, it seems like to me they are worried more about mass production, and less about customer satisfaction. I had a head unit installed on a car at a Best Buy in Hawaii, and was extremely unimpressed with the job. They left all their trash in my car, and were kind of rude. I was just generally unimpressed. That is my opinion on places like Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.
unfortunately thats kinda what happens with big companies like bestbuy, one bay may be great another not so much, i would recommend to go talk to the installers and get a feel for em before deciding to go there, in my town bestbuy is the main installation place, we are all pretty cool with customers and making our installs look like something we would do in out own car, but then again it always depends on the person lol if a dickhead treats me like im an idiot and his slave, i definitely dont go out of my way to make his stuff look good lol
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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