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Hauling a Uhaul trailer with a 4-cylinder

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Hey guys,

I got a job in California so I'll be moving from Florida. I'm pricing various move options and looked at Uhaul's trailers. I read online that my '02 Frontier King Cab 4-cyl has a towing capacity of 3,500lbs. Uhaul has a couple different trailers (4x8 and 5x8). My question is... could this 4-cyl truck handle pulling either of those trailers across country?

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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search! From personal experience yes it should pull it. Just take it easy when pulling it.
shouldnt be too much trouble. theres no real hills you gotta tackle so... your gas mileage is gonna suck. be careful traveling thru west texas as theres not too many places to get gas
The sizes listed shouldn't be a huge issue other than it will decrease mpg and increase distances needed to brake and accelerate.

I have in the past used a '99 dime to move a 6X12 enclosed uhaul trailer on a 8 hour trip. Again, it did it, needed more time to get up to speed and more time to stop, and mpg went down.
Three years ago I moved from the Los Angeles area to the Chicago area with a 1999 Tacoma and a 4 by 8 utility trailer. Total trailer weight and truck cargo weight was around 2700 pounds. Keep your speed down...this will save gas and maybe your life if you need to stop. The engine can handle it and it can be done safely if you go slow. I probably averaged 60 miles per hour (too fast) on level and downhill. The engine will be able to keep you at 55 at least 99 percent of the time on interstate 10.
I regularly tow a 5x10 landscape trailer with my 2.4 5spd, usually loaded with lawn equipment or 2 yds of mulch. Sometimes loaded with equipment in the trailer and a yd of mulch in the bed. I used to tow a 16ft boat with it on occassion. It tows great. The only issue I've had is emergency stopping going downhill in the rain. I could benefit from trailer brakes. You should be fine, just be patient with it. Don't floor it getting on the highway or anything and give yourself plenty of room to stop (when possible). I have towed U-Haul's 5x8 enclosed and it did fine. Their 6x12 is heavy though. I towed one with my wife's Trailblazer EXT and I could feel it back there, lots of sway.

Oh, and keep it out of overdrive.
I created this thread during a really busy week and totally forgot about it until now! Thank you for all of the feedback, it's very helpful.
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