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Has anyone tried used Tacoma leaf springs in a hybrid pack?

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I have read the threads on hybrid leaf packs and am looking to put together a pack for my 16 CC 4X4 that will provide about 2" of lift over stock to match the prg 2" spacers I have for the front. My truck has almost 33k miles and the springs are nearly flat now. I can't afford a custom spring pack right now and would rather wait until I am ready to lift over 2" anyway. I have searched for used xterra springs and so far am not having much luck without paying minimum $75 each plus shipping from salvage yards. I have noticed that Tacomas don't seem to have the spring sagging issues that our Frontiers have, have a good bit of arch, and are more available used. Has anyone tried using springs from a Tacoma in a hybrid leaf pack?
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Edit:Spoke too soon lol, seems they are both 2 3/8" wide.

I seem to recall them being a different width, causing compatibility issues
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