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has anyone done the pully mod on thier SCed frontier?

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has anyone done the pully mod on thier SCed frontier?

If so what did you think? Pros Cons etc. install, cost, was it worth it?


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TwoBills said:
When I do it I think I'm going to go w/the quick change type. Off the top of my head I think that's about $150 w/1 pully. $70 for ea. add. pully. $40 to rent the pully tool or $130 to buy it.

Right now I'm messing w/the air intake. I've got a K&N drop in and I pulled the fender resonator this afternoon. Pulling that res. gave me a little snappier throttle response, but little more.

Have you checked out
I will check out that website.. i was also thinking about the quick change type.
I have a cone type K and N with heatshield on my truck.. works great!
TwoBills said:
Do you think it gets too hot under the hood for the open cone, even w/the heat shield? I don't know, just askin'.

As I said, I've got a drop in, and I've removed the fender resonator (vast improvement at 5K+ rpms, little bit of a torque loss, thou). I'm working on a ram air system, now. Still trying to fab the parts and decide just how I want to do it. Thinking about removing the driver's side fog lamp and using that for an intake. Maybe drop the intake below the light, and leave it in place. Another thought I had was to put a scoop on the fender and duct it straight to it, but then I'd have to drill a 3" hole in my fender. Don't know if I have the hair for that.
It was on the truck when i bought it... i have driven my friends stock sc fronty... and mine is a lot more responsive. so i think it does its job just fine.. even with the heat.. but yeah i understand your concern about heat.. but plastic is not much of and insolator against heat.. so i bet it is about the same.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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