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Had my fronty 3 weeks and its been in the shop 3 times

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I bought an 07' LE CC 3 weeks ago with timing tensioner problem. And had it fixed under warranty. One week after I got it back while changing the front diff oil I noticed oil running out of the timing chain cover. So I took it back in and they found the leaky seal and fixed it. I haven't had it back a week and guess what its leaking oil out of the timing chain cover again. So I'm taking it back to the dealer in the morning. Is there some weird seal in there that is hard to get seated or does Wilmington Nissan just suck?
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Yeah man, like mike said, they suck. The timing chain thing is a down fall of Nissan, but the fact that it went back 3 times for oil leaking out is no ones fault but the dead beat mechanic wrench'en on your truck.
I took it to the dealer this morning at 730am and got a call at 1pm saying that my oil pan was leaking this time and Nissan was going to replace it for FREE. So I ask what is wrong with the oil pan? And the service writers response was "Our mechanic must have stripped a bolt out the last time the pan was put on and It leaked" How does a stripped bolt warrant replacing the oil pan? I personally have never heard of threads in a oil pan. Does this sound stupid to you guys? I was busy at work and figured i would get a detailed explanation tomorrow when I pick up my truck for the third time.
Hes is you. I would ask for a detailed explanation of WTF they are talking about. And I would also look around for another dealer. They sound like a bunch of back yard mechanics.

Plus its shady that the mechanic F'ed it up... and some how they make Nissan pay for it? Thats un-just IMO.
They didn't have the pan off for secondary timing chains did they?

There is no reason to remove the oil pan for that!!!
True. Im like 95% possitive you dont need to. Hold on... I'll find out for sure! 2 mins. I'll be back.

Here it is!!! look for your self! No oil pan mentioned!!!

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Whoops! wrong motor! Hold on!
Here is step by step pics!

There ya go! No oil pan!
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Thanks for the help! Are those three bolt holes in the bottom of the picture the top of the oil pan? If so maybe they messed one of those up some how. IDK I will post back on the story I hear. By the way nice looking truck. I voted for ya!
I just looked at my truck, your right! There is 3 right along the front. So.... My bad! Sorry.

And thanks for the vote buddy!!!
Glad to hear all is better. 3rd time is a charm right?! And live and learn.... At least you know to not go back!
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