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GWNF Saturday July 10

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Wife wants to to take her truck so we are going to GWNF on Saturday. This well be the first time so we want to keep it easy.

Not sure on what trail we will be doing. Was thinking of exploring some of the trails by Long Run.

Let me know if anyone wants to join us.
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I hit a tree in the woods last week pretty bad and need to get an estimate and see when they want to fix it.

What sux is I did not hit the tree hard, but I hit it with the edge of the bumper and the bumper folded into the bed side. I crushed the bed and smashed up the hinge for the tailgate.

Anyway, not sure I want to drive into VA with the broken tail light. Otherwise would love to head up that way.
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Need to get a bumper with bed side protection.
yea, I'm wondering how well the shrock bumper would have held up, the oem one is real thin.
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