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Not sure the Ol' Lady will go for one "in the house", as she seems to think it could be used against us.
Dispute my anti gun rant a few months ago, I enjoy owning, shooting, and teaching my kids about guns. But your Ol lady is correct. Look up your own stats, but the idea that the gun lobby tries to sell you about needing a gun to protect your home is VERY misleading. It is something like to 1 to 100,000, that someone can claim using a gun is self defense vs accidentally (or purposefully) shooting a family member. It is CRAZY. In fact the best way to NOT get shot or have a family member shot is to NOT have a gun in the house.

That said, I am still a gun owner, have never had a mishap, and don't plan on selling off my guns anytime soon.

As for your question, seems like the first gun to own would be a large caliber (9, 40, 45) handgun. Make and model is really up to debate (like a which oil question). I like single action with an external hammer.

However the guns that I put the most rounds through (ie fun to shoot) would be as follow: 22lr semi pistol, 12 gauge shot gun (clays), 22 semi rifle, large caliber bolt action rifle.
2361 - 2361 of 2361 Posts