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Hi guys. I'm Tony from central Pennsylvania. I've owned a Datsun 720 ('82), two Hardbodies ('86.5 and '90), one Maxima ('97) and currently I drive a BMW 335i ('07). I thoroughly enjoyed off-roading the Hardbodies which is why I am again looking at Nissan trucks.

I am a DIY'er from my youth. I can get fairly involved in projects. For example after lowering the Maxima I designed a weld-in bushing to insert into the LCA which accepted a spherical bearing. This setup allowed me to install a spacer to correct the roll center. I rebuilt a VQ30DE, but before I could swap it in, the Maxima was totaled in a rear end collision with 176,000 miles on the odometer. No one was hurt. My 335 is upgraded with mainly bolt-ons and should be north of 400 RWHP using a blend of 30% ethanol on stock turbos, though I haven't had it on the dyno. Parts for that thing are unnecessarily expensive. I would like to get a NB Miata and swap in a VQ35DE. I don't think I would like to own another BMW.

I have yet to purchase a Frontier but I am looking for a king cab 4x4 to eventually turn into an off road project. Pie-in-the-sky plans include a solid axle front and a triangulated 4 link rear with 33 or 35 inch tires, though if I get a Nismo or Pro-4x, I could do the Titan swap, but the articulation of solid axles with multi-link suspension is appealing. It wouldn't be a desert racer, more of an Appalachian woods creeper. I've been looking at someone's project (second gen Xterra I think it was) using a D44 front and Ford 9" rear. I can fabricate so I would the work myself.

My girlfriend can't drive stick, so I am looking for an automatic. I have a list of radiator part numbers handy and am prepared to walk away from any second gen Frontier which hasn't had it's radiator changed. Wish me luck!
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