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Greetings :)

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Hello and good to be here. I am a retired male, living in the sunny California desert. I was given a 2002 frontier with a 4 banger and auto. The thing hadn't been driven for years other than a trip to the mailbox 1/2 a mile away down a dirt road. soooo fun times. I replaced the battery for starters as it wouldnt hold a charge. replaced both rear tail lights as the lenses were broken beyond recognition, did an oil change, changed plugs and wires, cap and rotor as well as the air filter and most of the vacuum hoses (rats had grown to love the engine compartment lol)

Then I took her to get smogged so i could register her and thats when I noted significant front suspension/steering problems... scared the crap outta me the first time i did a lane change at 45 mph and the truck wanted to keep going left....

after I smogged it i took her to get new tires to replace the dry rotted old ones and had them do a suspension check...

after getting their report and the $3000 estimate parts and labor to fix it... I took it home, and ordered the parts online and did the work myself. replaced both upper control arms so that the 2 upper ball joints were new, replaced both side tie rods, replaced the idler arm, replaced the bent center link, both sway bar links and both front shocks. It was a mess lol I did a "close backyard mechanic" alignment and then took her back to get a real alignment done and now she isnt scarey to drive anymore.

since then I also replaced the rear shocks, put in all new v-belts and new brakes all the way around.

Then I got brave, and bought and installed a drawtite frame mounted receiver and trailer hitch assembly (the bumper mounted one looked like he overloaded it at some point as the steel was warped).
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yeah, still a long road ahead, got a lotta plans for the old girl :)
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