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New to the forum, new to Frontiers. Bought a new to me 03 5spd Ext Cab RWD 4cyl on Saturday, rolled 720 miles on the odometer as of this afternoon (Monday) and will have over 1,000 miles on it before the week is over. Which isn't much considering that it came with 237,000 miles. But I will certainly keep it rolling since I drive a lot for work.
Before this, I had an S10 in the same format, put 43,000 miles on that since January 2015. But it was getting kind of rusty and it while it only let me sit once when the fuel pump died, it was doing some things that made me nervous about taking it on more unnecessary 300+ mile one way trips.

FWIW, first impressions are good, it's obvious to me that this was engineered in a right hand drive country, even though it was built in the US, the brake release is on the right hand side of the wheel, the shifter is offset to the right, things like that. But I like the way this feels, plenty of power for a compact truck, handles well, brakes well, it's super quiet compared to the happy tappy, leaky, squeaky S10.

Since I came here to get some info but I cant post in the general forum, I'll ask while they're on my mind.
The owner's manual schedule of maint. doesn't go up to the mileage I'm at. If you were me, besides the obvious (fluids, hoses, belts), what would you replace right away? Like a fuel pump?
Is there any Nissan Coupe I can swap a driver's seat into this? I need an ext cab because of the tools I carry for work and flipping the seat forward does not retract the seat like a regular ext cab or coupe seat would. Maybe I just need the seat base.
While I'm on the subject of seats, if there's a passenger's seat that folds flat, I'd love to install one of those too. Only one I've heard of is in a Grand Prix, but I've yet to actually find one.
Mine doesn't have cruise control, since I do 90% highway driving, I really liked having this, probably going to try adding either factory or Rosta
Last, it's got light truck tires on which, imho, are overkill. It doesn't weigh anywhere near what my Wagoneer does and that came with passenger car tires from the factory. Who runs crossover or passenger tires and what brand/model do you like best? When I have to haul stuff, it's a couple hundred pounds of customer equipment on a skid so you won't see me loading this up often. Although I did put nearly a ton of dirt in the s10 one time and the tires were fine, truck was too. I had Goodyear Integrity on the S10, but the wet grip on those suck, so I won't buy them again. If I can reduce the unsprung weight even by a few pounds, it should make a measurable difference in fuel mileage, which is very important to me right behind looking presentable for the customer. Working my way through this thread as soon as I finish this post:

Thanks all.
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