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Greetings from Boston, MA. Just purchased a new Frontier!

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Good morning Club Frontier members!

Just purchased a brand new, 2016 Nissan Frontier SV with Value Truck Pack. 4X4, 4.0L V6, Crew Cab, LWB/Long Bed, in gun metal grey. I am super excited to be a member and chat with everyone as we work on, customize and evolve our trucks! Please feel free to reach out, I'd love to get to know you!

Quick facts about my truck:

- Purchased new with 14 miles on the motor. Nissan factory break-in period (1200 miles) completed.
- Even though it is not needed, performed a "break-in" oil change at 2000 miles. Replaced the factory oil and filter with Mobil 1 full synthetic and a Mobil 1 Extended Range filter. I will do oil changes every 4000 miles from here out.
- Removed the factory cloth mats and dropped in WeatherTech Floor Liners for the winter. They are laser cut for an exact fit, and they are beautiful and functional. The factory mats will go back in for Spring, Summer and Fall (save for drive-in trips to the beach on Cape Cod).
- Many improvements and adjustments planned for once the weather gets warmer.

Definite plans come Spring:

- Tint the front two windows and windshield (my rear door windows and back windshield are factory tinted already).
- K&N Cold Air Intake System to improve horsepower, fuel milage and air intake.
- WeatherTech in-channel vent visors for all for windows.

Optional plans come Spring:

- Upgrade factory head unit to aftermarket one that supports Apple CarPlay.

I'd love to bounce ideas off of all of you, and find out more about you and your Frontier!

Best wishes,
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Seems pretty overkill on the oil changes. I would suggest you get an oil analysis done at 4k. Then go from there.

The site only allows pictures of up to a certain size. No clue why it is not setup to just resize them. It is very annoying as any phone camera easily exceeds the sites maximum size requirement.
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