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Grease points

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I cruised through the service manual, but I can't find a definitive list of places I should grease.

I'm concerned about chassis, suspension, and body mount lube areas. Anybody have a list going?

Any zirks on the truck I should hit as well?
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i dont htink theres any. i think theyre all unservicable
Talkin about the 2nd gen, there are no grease points. The only thing to do is to check the bushings on the front sway bar, the uca/lca and then to make sure your leafs are clean. Past that, there is nothing that you can easily grease without ripping it apart.
AT-205 Re-Seal .. or.. something like that (really watery clear liquid in a white bottle) can be obtained from any major parts store, its one of those conspicuous products that nobody notices. Put it in a spray bottle and soak down you CV boots, all of your ball join boots, U-Joins, sway-bar bushings, hood robber stops, etc.. this stuff is incredible... It soaks in DEEP and replenishes rubber seals like crazy, keeps the grease in, silences your suspension, longer term too!

I put the stuff on my rodeo's suspensions (all sealed too) about 50k miles ago, even then it was silent, but still to this day, PERFECT and silent suspension offroad still at 130k miles. I plan on soaking down all the rubber shi* on my frontier with the stuff here soon.

Look here, found the stuff on youtube:
Good option there. I think I'll grab a bottle of that in the Spring when I do my overhaul cleaning of the truck and all its services.
I like that vid... I'm going to try that stuff out.
i will also have to give that stuff a try, if it can really keep rubbers conditioned and "like new" then for sure the cv boots are getting a good soak down every oil change. keep those boots intact and sealed and you will greatly increase the life of the CVs. you probably don't need to do it like every oil change but thats what i'll probably end up doing with all my other oil change maintenance. good post
that guy in the video is REALLY annoying
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