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Sorry, Greg, but I did all that. I bought the wheels, striped them myself and ceramic coated them. Then I got the nerf bars, striped them myself, ceramic coated them and installed them. Then I went to see Dan, my buddy, who owns Pilat design. I told him what I wanted, based around a version of the Nismo graphic He took a picture of the profile of my truck and over a period of a couple weeks sent me several images of what he could do with my ideas. We finally sat down at his design computer and laid out the whole job the way I wanted. He printed me a picture of my truck exactly the way it looks now. I said, 'let's do this!' I also had him make a custom red and black copy of my gang's sticker and asked him to put his logo on the tailgate with it.
When you walk in his shop he has a big display board with pictures of his work. The picture on the top is of my Mx5 roadster that he did in black and gold. It's one of 5 cars he done for me in recent years. At this point I guess I should mention that the whole job cost me $280 cash. I can almost guarantee that at some point my truck will get him some jobs.
Great design though.. Thanks for the clarification!
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