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Not sure if this is the place. But marketplace has said (oops) one to many times. If it's not allowed here than please move it over to marketplace so at least it'll stick. I'm tired of typing all that. Lol.

I've got a Truxedo TruXport Tonneau Cover and a AmpResearch bed extender for 2nd gen frontiers... Both in almost new condition. I also have a full set of factory frontier floor mats that still look really good. I switched to the weathertechs. All of it is pretty high quality stuff. The dealership had the tonneau cover put on and I took it a week later and had a matching camper shell installed. I never used the bed extender. It just didn't look right with the shell.

$150 for the bed extender
$200 for the Tonneau cover
Or $300 for the pair.
$20 for the floor mats.

All prices are obo. I'm just winging this guys!

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FYI: that bed-extender can be easily broken down for shipping purposes.
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