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I have a 98 Nissan Frontier 2wd. Currently the speedo is totally inoperative, the temperature sensor works when it feels like it, and the gas gauge is slightly off.

I assumed the gas guage was off due to me running it completely dry a couple of times, and the temp guage I could care less about in the first place. Now though the speedo dosnt work and the ECU realized it so I'm getting the p0500 code which is for VSS malfunction.

I took it to a local shop and they're saying the cluster is bad. Personally I thought the VSS was messed up since the speedo didnt start cutting out til after I had the clutch replaced about 5000 miles ago. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it really is the whole cluster, it just didnt make sense for the cluster to go to **** with less then 85k miles on the clock.

So I'm at a crossroad now where I can either replace the cluster like the tech thinks is the issue, or start tracing all the voltages in the wiring harness. I'd rather replace the whole cluster since thats easier then all the wiring, but I also dont want to waste money so what would ya'll suggest?

Also, if I end up swaping out the cluster, can I swap IN a cluster that has an RPM gauge and have it work right away without any modification? A tach would be extremely useful, or at least its better then the temp taking up all that gauge real-estate.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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