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Got my duratracs

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I put in my 2.5" lift a couple weeks ago and finally got to getting the tires. 285/75/16 GY duratracs. I think they look pretty sharp. Look good in pics but way better in person. They are louder than my stock rugged trails, but quieter than any mud terain ive heard. I honestly dont think you could hear em on a deisel truck, our motors are pretty quiet. My camera is out of comission w/ a new one on its way when they start shipping them. Ill get some cell pics later today.
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Your don't do these thing justice. When I got mine the first thing I said was Holy Sh!t! Didn't expect the tread to be that deep and aggressive looking. Enjoy..I love mine.
those are nice looking, I'm interested to see how long they last you
The ONLY thing I don't like about these tires is that the side lugs are separated from the main lugs. They look sharp though.
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