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Got my baby some new shoes!

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Hey all,

Feel like I'm finally worthy of joinin the club. Been spyin in for a little while and found some great advice on some things. Been lookin to put some more rubber on the road, but knew I would run into clearance problems with the size of tire I wanted. Payin homage to the Nismo series and got some Nismo rims with some Cooper Zeon LTZ P285/60 R18. Puttin it up with the PRG 2" leveling kit. I've had a Black '06 Nismo CC from day one and love it. Thanks for all the help. Future mods- Brute Force CAI n a perf chip. See you on the road!
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nice man. sounds good.


Man... Third post askin' for PICTURES!!! LOL and all along side Haulin3kidz's LOL
Hey man, welcome to the club!
o.k. so im bored, but not bored enuf to post an actual picture :)

Where the :censor: are the PICS? Did I miss them?

Welcome and enjoy.
Pics are posted in another thread. Look at '06 Blk Nismo CC Pics. Hope you like!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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