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Got broken into. Lock is destroyed. help?

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Some dumba** tried to break into my 02 frontier with a hammer and a screwdriver this weekend. Thankfully, he wasn't able to unlock the door, but he did manage to mangle my lock and door in the process.

The lock is unusable, but i think the door will be fine with a little bit of bending. Where is the cheapest place to go to get this kind of thing fixed? Auto mechanic? Locksmith? Dealer? Does anyone have any experience with this kind of happening? I tried calling around and got quotes from 175-250.

I am pretty good at fixing my truck and other things, so I was curious if any of you have ever done a DIY lock replacement?

All advice is much appreciated! I am trying to save as much as possible.
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Try going to the junk yard you might find what you need there for a good buy!
Holy Old Thread Batman!

The post you replied-to was made over ten years ago!

This was your first comment on this forum, why did you choose to respond to this particular ancient thread? No snark, I'm genuinely curious.
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I’ve asked why all these old posts are automatically suggested on the pages and didn’t get an answer I find of substance. We all get caught by surprise and reply to them on occasion.

Dumb question, since you have mod access, can you fix the subtitle on the Equator subforum? It says "Nissan Equator" instead of "Suzuki Equator" in the forum byline listing.
I looked and see it just listed as equator. I’m not sure if I’d even be able to rename a section.

This is what I see browsing the forum:


"This forum is for our friends who drive the Nissan Equator"
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