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Hey guys, I went for this deal today, figured I'd pass it along to anyone else

I wanted a tire that had good siping for snow, at least 18/32 tread, 3ply sidewalls, and solid tread wear. These fit the bill for me as far as I could research. Price was also a huge factor. At 285/75r16, four wheel drive is selling them for 807 including tax and free shipping. Other places were quoting between 880 and 1000+.

I'm getting me installed next week, so I'll post up an initial review and pics.

I ended up getting about 45000 out of the dick cepek mud country's and they could've done another 15000, but somehow (while rolling at 12.5 psi off road lol) two sidewalls got slit and one of them went flat a day later.
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