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I recently had to take in my 2008 Frontier for low tire pressure in the driverside rear of the vehicle. There was a bulge on the outside of the tire facing the inside of the truck underbody. The service manager there had the tire replaced with my spare and said he would look into whether or not I could get a full replacement as normally sidewall damages occur due to road debris or other road hazard and normally the new tire warranties won't cover that. He called me back the following day and stated they had caused the damage at the dealership when they took my winter tires off about 2 months ago and put on my summer tires. He stated the dealership would bear all costs and he would order the new tire and let me know when it would come in so I could schedule it to be mounted as my new spare tire. I was very impressed they would admit to an error without me having to mention that possibility. I was thinking this might have been the case as I had only put on about 300 miles of easy on street driving in the past 9 weeks since the tire change outs but I never mentioned that to him since he stated they would further inspect the removed and damaged tire. Anyway, Jim Miller Nissan is the dealership and they are to be commended for honesty even when it meant further costs to them. I can't recall any other instance in my 40 plus years of driving vehicles where a dealership readily admitted their error without being pressured by the customer into a "confession". It was a breath of "fresh air" for this consumer and renews my faith in the honesty of men and businesses if given a chance to prove themselves. Anyway, .....Thank you Ron at Jim Miller Nissan for your good work.
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