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goneMOAB Raffle Results

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Well, another excellent goneMOAB has passed. This year was one of the best I have been to, and had the pleasure to help plan. It’s been said before, but I think it needs to be said again. This event would not be possible if it was not for the sponsors that donate all of the great products to our raffle. So please, support them when you can. It’s the least we can do since they support us. - Nissan Trucks - Grips and Nets - Adventure Trailers - Tires - On Board Air Systems - Offroad Gear - Nissan Aftermarket Parts - Drive Train Specialists - Pack your trash out - Drive Shafts - Armor - Camping Gear - Portable Welders - Nissan Auto Magazine - Moab 4x4 Supplies and Shop - Offroad Armor - Light Bars - CO Based 4x4 Group - Everything Xterra
JP's Mobile Auto Care & Repair
American IT Solutions

Now, on to the raffle results. This year’s raffle was the biggest ever, with a ton of great items. I believe everyone who was there would agree that the RTT from Camping Lab was the most sot after item. And the winners are:

AT gas can holder gas can and spout= Kevin Ungstao/Chris D
2 Gen Gauge pod= Jeff Hite
ARB Tire Kit= Maurie L
Front Light Bar= Dave Parrish
Gift Cert Trasharoo= Trey Turley
Power tank tire gauge= Roger Redmonm
ARB Tire kit= Bill Landgraf
30% off Power tank= Petra Weultjes
$100 4x4parts= Ben Wicklund
Power tank tire Repair kit= Dave Parrish
$100 off skid plates NX Rocks= Chris Druery
ARB Recovery Kit= Alex Racine /Re-donated by Tammy C
$50 4x4 parts= Neil Pilsner
Xterra 2nd gen Light bar= Surge/Re-donated by Tammy C Sold for $100 Donation to Gone by Mary I
ARB Tire kit= Trey Turley
40% off power tank product= Taylor Barnett
ARB Tire kit= Rich Young
ARB Tire kit= Eric Wegerich
Power Tire Kit= Donal Jerricke
$25 4x4 Parts= Alex Teponsis
2 Gen X Light bar= Johnathen/Sold for $70 Donation to Gone by JL
Warn Recovery Kit= Dave Parrish
ARB Tire Kit= Max/Sold for $20 Donation to gone
ARB 33 Spline 233 locker= Ben Wicklund
50% off Power tank= Roger Redmonm
$25 4x4 parts= Peck Kuy
$50 4x4 parts= Jeff Peck/Sold for $30 donation
260 Craftsman Tool Kit= Charley (Chainsaw)/Sold for $100 Donation by Dave Parrish
ARB Tire Kit= Chris Druery
2nd gen Light Bar= Chase/Sold for $60 Donation Kevin Ungstao
ARB Tire kit= Mary I/Re-donated By Eric Wegerich
$25 4x4 parts= Androus/Sold by Tammy C. for $15 dollar Gone Donation
ARB Tire kit= Neil Pilsner
$25 4x4 parts= Remy Teleaga
ARB Tire kit= Aubrey Alford/Re-donated By Bill Potter
Flip Video Camera= Eric Wegerich
Raingler Products Grip Handle or 25% off= Mary I
Raingler Products Grip Handle or 25% off= Chris Druery
Raingler Products Grip Handle or 25% off= Kevin Ungstao
Raingler Products Grip Handle or 25% off= JL
Raingler Products Grip Handle or 25% off= Chris Druery
Raingler Products Grip Handle or 25% off= Tammy C
ARB Tire kit= Taylor/Sold for $5 donation by Ben Wicklund
American It solutions Notebook/Laptop= Daniel Sweeney
ARB Tire kit= Kyle/Sold for $20 Donation to gone by David Parrish
ARB Tire kit= Alex Teponsis
BFG Tires= Paul Blessin
Camping Lab Roof top tent= Sam Lemons

You will notice that several of the prizes have a third column next to them with something like “Re-donated” or “Sold for donation”. This means that the first person who won the prize decided to either put it back in the raffle, or sell it at a low price and then give the money to goneMOAB to help pay the permits and insurance. As you can see, there were quite a few very generous folks this year. Thank you.
Now, if you find yourself on the list, but were not at the raffle night, don‘t fret. You will be receiving an e-mail from me shortly.
Thanks again for making this a fantastic year. I hope to see you all at goneMOAB10.

Joshua S. Palmieri
Kevin Copeland
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