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Hello all! ::smile::

New member here. Currently looking at getting a mid-size trucks. Deep down I'm a Tacoma diehard (my dad owned an 81' Toy Pickup (800k) and 03' Tacoma (currently at 300k) but they are out of my price range for me at this point in my life. I've been researching the Frontier more and more and I have become quite a fan. The community seems tight-knit as well which is great! I'm going to the dealership on the weekend to look at a 2014 CC Pro-4X with 40K on it. Now I have a couple questions about Frontiers. I did some browsing on the forums but most of the answers are quite old or did not directly answer my questions so I'm reaching out to you guys for some up to date answers.

1. Do the skid plates get in the way of regular maintenance? Does the Pro4X require significantly more maintenance? I like to do some of the regular maintenance myself and if I do go to the dealership, I don't want to pay a premium because I have the Pro4X trim. The appealing part of a Frontier for me is the simplicity that seems to be a common when people speak of the truck.

2. How is the road noise? I will be coming from a 2011 G37xS Coupe, which for a luxury vehicle, is quite noisy. I know the general consensus is that it's not very good. I'm thinking about my dad's 03 Tacoma and that was quite noisy but not unbearable. I don't mind some noise but I don't want to have to yell to have a conversation while on the highway.

3. How does the sport suspension, compared to standard suspension, handle on city/highway roads? This will be my daily commuter and most of my driving is done on the freeway or city roads.

4. Does the roof rack increase the height of the truck drastically? Does anyone have the height of the PRO4X with the roof rack? I'm looking at Frontiers because of the compact size. Due to working downtown, I frequently park in parkades and don't want to be limited because my truck is "too high."

5.Any specific questions or things I should check/know when test driving this vehicle? I haven't actually looked this one up on the forums yet (just thought of it), but I'll ask anyway and continue to research.

Thanks for the help; I'm excited to join the Frontier Club!
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