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Glamisdude's Desert Camping Truck, Round 2

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The goal of this truck is to do it all, camping, wheeling, and daily duties. None of which can significantly impact the others usage therefore I tired to take the middle ground on all tasks. This has turned out to be a great truck and does everything I ask of it, of course I keep asking for more in each category:D So it will never be "done" so to speak, think of Zeno's paradox;)
This is the sequel build of my truck as my last was totaled in a rear end collision( So far this truck has been a substantial upgrade to the last one, having gained half the amount of miles, 2 model years newer, and 4x4 with a locker. This is the story of its progress, enjoy:D

Username: Glamisdude72000 (Chris)
Year: 2007
Make: Nissan
Model: Frontier (Annabelle)
Trim: KC Nismo 4X
Color: Avalanche White

January 2013, April 2015 TOTM, Thanks guys!

Current Pic:

Lower Bumper Valence and Mud Flaps Removed
Blue Sea 6 connection fuse block with ground bus under hood, battery terminal with voltage readout
Blue Sea 12 connection fuse block with ground bus mount under bed
Rear Diff Breather Extension
EVAP canister vent mod
Deck plate air box mod
Anytime E locker Mod
Trans cooler bypass with Hayden Aftermarket cooler
Camo tan accents (Foglight trim rings, plate lights, tow hooks)
Bedlined bumper step pads
Exhaust dumped just after axle
Hitch Plug Relocation

Cab Interior:
ZeroEdge front/rear dash cam replacement mirror
Magellan Touchscreen Nav
50w Inverter
Cobra 18wx ST II CB
LED dome lights
Kenwood Excelon KDC- x794
Alpine Type R 6 x9 coax. (front, amped)
Old school Infinity Reference 6.5 coax paper cones (Rear)
Polk db 1" Tweeters in factory dash location (amped)
Hifonics Zeus zxi 4406, 55w rms per/ch (FR Doors, tweeters)
Axxess ASWC steering wheel control adaptor
Dual amplifier 2 AWG wiring kit with power and ground distribution blocks
Switched remote turn ons for amps when power consumption matters

Tan Softtopper
55w HID Hella 550's in bumper mouth
KC 57 Series Spots behind grill
Kawell 18w LED Flood backup light mount to rear plate
Bed lighting, Dual 20" 15w Samsung LED light bars
Automatic under door entry lights
Custom LED Rock lights
Firestik II 4' CB antenna
Tail gate seal kit
U Haul Receiver
Nismo4X badge
Bed mounted mini toolbox for recovery gear and tie downs
Superstrut bike mounts and tie down points

Auto, 4x4 with rear e locker

Titan swap consisting of:
Gen 1 Tundra Bilstein 5100s (extra snap ring grooves and custom tophats) with gen 4 4Runner springs (580lb)
Total Chaos Clone uppers (FK uniballs + PRG hardware)
OEM Titan lowers
Moog HD serviceable lower ball joints
Energy Suspension polyurethane lower bj boots
Wheeler's Superbumps progressive front bumpstops
Belltech progressive rear bumpstops
PRG Tie rod extensions
Extended brake lines
Extended half shafts using OEM boots
Alignment cams
ProComp MX-6 Adjustable Monotubes
OME Dakar MD leafs (large overload removed)
Nisstec 3* billet axle shims
EZ Accessory 2" wheel spacers
Custom low rate off road rear sway bar

Overall Lift:
Front: 3"
Rear: 2.25"

Wheel Travel:
Front: 10"
Rear: TBD

Wheels and Tires:
Pro 4x Machined faced 6 spokes
Cooper Discoverer AT3's 285/75R16

Stock Nismo Skids

K & N Drop in
Group 34R Super Start Platinum+ AGM (Deka made)

Gear and Other:
Tow strap/ D ring shackles, Jumper cables, folding shovel, extra bolts, etc
Masterflow Tsunami Compressor (hi flow mods)
Mini hand picked tool kit
Snow Chains
California USFS Annual Adventure Pass

In Progress:
Leaf Spring mods

In the Foreseeable Future
Collapsible Bed hammock

Fixed Issues:
Timing chain guides at 56k
Fuel sender at 70k
Rebuilt transmission at 84k

Ongoing Issues:

Gen 1 Tundra TRD Bilsteins with Tundra coils (too much lift and a bit firm)
Bilstien 5125's
Stock Frontier coilovers with 2.5" Calmini Spacer (springs sagged beyond usability)
MD TJM Extended Travel Coilovers (blew up wheeling)
Custom made roof rack powdercoated wrinkle coat black with 4 55w KC 57 series lights (2 driving, 2 spot)
Century Ultra shell with Thule Tracks, carpet kit, front boot, and passenger side windoor
Shell Interior:
Detailed Info
Quick glance:
Carpeted custom sleeping platform with storage
4" memory foam mattress
Hand made curtains
Logitech THX speakers with bullet tweeters (switched, deck power)
Switch panel for shell accessories
200w Inverter

If interested in pics of this setup see post 10 below.


On the way home from the Dealership in Vegas (Stock):

After first Lift and Tires: just ext travel

After T Swap:


Under Hood:

Under Bed:



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Those underbody lights look awesome. I hate to copy other peoples ideas but I may just do the same thing.
How did you mount your toolbox? I'm looking to do the same with some ammo cans. Tired of using bungees.
Mdf, copy away. Ha-ha I don't care. It was a lot of labor work hooking them all up.

Muge, the previous owner had drilled 4 holes in the bed right there for what looked like an ammo can, so I just marked and drilled matching holes in the bottom of my toolbox and bolted it up.
Very nice!
Wreckdriver got me thinking about how much flex I could get, so.....
It would seem that I could benefit from longer rear shocks, the stuff tire side is not bottomed yet the other side the shock is the limiting factor.

This is literally at the end of my driveway:D

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Got all my replacement parts in. This weekend I'll be tackling the following:

-Fuel Sender Replacement
-Replace front body mounts
-Replace belt tensioner
-Cargo light mod (if I have time) (Link)

Plan for the cargo light mod is to use the BCM auto on function for the rock lights and take it away from the cargo light. This will make the rock lights come on automatically when the truck is unlocked and remain on for a short time when leaving the truck. This will also make the cargo light only come on via the switch on the dash (I want this). I also plan to use this switch to trigger some bed lights (more on this soon). Once these are taken care of I plan to finally make my DIY SPOD.
If your thinking WTF is an SPOD? Click Here
Got everything done besides the cargo light mod:( Beer thirty came earlier than I was expecting, lol. Next weekend my friends....

Rolled 70,000 thus morning... Which means I'm driving the truck WAY to much. 10000 miles in a little under 5 months. The new school I'm at added a good bit of distance to my daily commute.
As for truck updates, not too much to report. This Friday I'll be ordering the $50 evap valve to fix the check engine light and maybe get to cleaning the interior a bit. Just been super busy with work and school, so the truck has just been a workhorse for me.
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Adding miles is a love / hate thing with me. Love driving my truck, hate adding the miles.

How are all the task lighting you added working out? I was camping over the weekend and frequently thought of your build as I was fumbling around looking for things.
^I would have to agree with you. For sure a love/hate :(

Task lights have been pretty awesome. I've found myself using the flip up light way more than I thought I would. Its great for loading stuff at night and just hanging out. Use it mainly when loading and unloading the mtn bikes for night rides. I have a rev 2 about 80% drawn in AutoCAD that's more compact, brighter, and incorporates rear amber dust lights. It will be made of Al square tubing and mount a little differently as to not block the utilitrack. Rather than along the bed rail it fold inwards towards the center of the bed up against the cab. Should be pretty cool once I find some time to build it.

The rock lights haven't been used as much as I'd like since I've been so busy. Played with them every now and then. It feels weird driving with them on, makes it seem like your floating or something lol. I haven't actually been out wheeling in a good while now:( Should be able to get out soon though as I have request some days off next month:)
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Isn't that check engine light just awesome?

Mine comes on every time I start the truck now, even if I clear it. Thank you evap system! I'm hoping the damn light will just burn out.
Ha-ha yea, it really bothers me.... I just want to fix the issue so the light can come on if there is actually a real issue. Will be order the part today:( more money I don't want to spend on a stupid issue..
What code are you getting, Chris? P0448?

I first got that code before our Big Bear trip in 2012. I haven't had any luck getting the light to stay off for good. It's because of all the dust exposure.
I think so, my reader says "EVAP vent valve circuit open". I just ordered the replacement valve on Amazon for like $40. When I pulled it apart and tried to clean it mine was packed with dust as well and did not open very smoothly. There is a mod for this system that is basically the diff vent breather equivalent that I plan to do when I install the new vent to help with the dust. How-to: Solve Evap Canister Problem for $5 - Second Generation Nissan Xterra Forums (2005+)
I'm throwing a P1446 and a P0448 I believe. Might have to do that mod.
Well, its been awhile since I've updated this thread....

Got a dash/backup cam for Christmas from my gf so that went in and has been really nice. But other than that I've just been driving alot... Will roll 80k this month:( I've also decided that with my tax return money I'm just going to buy new shocks for the truck. Supposedly the deal with Bilstein and the 6112s is still on but I'm tired of waiting around.

I should be getting some gen 4 4runner springs from a friend of mine in the next few days and I plan on giving them a try on my current setup. They have a slightly lower spring rate (580lb vs 650lb) than the Tundra springs I have now which I feel should be perfect. I will probably lose a good bit of lift when testing this due to the lower rate and being slightly shorter but thats ok for now. The plan is to get the Tundra 5100s and have my machinist friend cut a few extra snap ring grooves in the body to allow for more fine tuning. Thinking 2 more above and below with equal spacer to what they come with. This way I can use a wide variety of springs with varying free lengths and still dial in the lift height. At the same time I would also like to add more end stroke protection. The super bumps are great but I would also like to add a shaft bump stop to protect that last .5" of stroke in case they squish a bit too much. Also think I'll get either limit straps or a droop bump stop to help with the uniball bind I get currently. Not really sure which will be better at this point.

For the rear, I'm pretty set on going with Pro Comp MX6 shocks as I've had good luck with them in the past and while the 5125s are pretty good they ride a bit too stiff when empty and are under valved when loaded with a desert load. The MX6 are externally adjustable and are on par performance wise with the 5100 series. I also plan on getting a 2nd sec of Wheelers for the rear:D
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Sounds like you have some fun stuff coming up! I'll be keen to see how all this works out. Shame the whole 6112 deal is taking so damn long.

Quick question: Do you have a link for the evap vent you got on amazon? I'd love to just replace mine and add the breather. Then I can get rid of that code.
I don't have a link handy but I actually got mine from RockAuto, its the old style dorman part.
I don't have a link handy but I actually got mine from RockAuto, its the old style dorman part.
Oh excellent then. I just was cruising RockAuto pricing out my spare parts kit. I just found the valve. Thanks!
Nice! Make sure you do the canister cleaning process I outlined as just replacing the valve did not clear the code for me. It was not until after the cleaning and vent mod that it went away. I'm happy to report that the light has remained off since then.
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