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Glamisdude72000's Desert Camping Truck

TOTALED OCTOBER 5TH 2012-details:
The replacement truck:

My truck has a very different life compared to that of others.... Its a truck that is meant to get out and explore while serving as a home base and look good while doing it8). My goal with it is to have a self contained mini off road capable luxury camper in a sense(I don't do tents...). It serves this purpose quite well so far and its only improving. I may have lost some use of the bed yet I have gained a bed ironically. I love my truck and it has treated me well. Here are the details about said truck:

Most Recent Pics

Username: Glamisdude72000 (Chris)
Year: 2005
Make: Nissan
Model: Frontier
Trim: SE Auto 4x2
Color: Radiant Silver

Fully upgraded sound system
Hella 550's converted to HID
Century Ultra set up for camping
Sway bar and lower air dam removed
35% Tint on front windows
Switched power for stereo (on with key or on with switch, no beeping! :D)
Custom light bar/roof rack mounted on Thule Tracks to shell
Dust proofed bed

Planed Mods: (In order of install)

Fuse box/ relay box in shell with custom switch panel
LED strip lighting mounted to rack for camp lighting
Modify Joe Hauler for better departure angle/ stability
Backup lights
Custom rear seat storage box/ported box for sub
Dual Batteries with solar charging
Better recovery points
Fresh water system with shower

Inside/Outside temperature gauge
Magellan Touchscreen Nav
50w Inverter
Cobra 18wx ST II CB

Fully carpeted sleeping platform, under bed and side storage with 4" memory foam mattress
Hand made black out curtains
200w Inverter
Switched rear/outside speakers off main
Completely made dust proof:)


Kenwood Excelon x794
Alpine Type R 6 x9 coax. (front)
Infinity Reference 6.5 coax (Rear)
Polk db 1" Tweeters in factory dash location (front deck power)
LG 3" dual cone speakers in shell (switched rear deck power)
Alpine Type R 12" at 2 ohms in 1 cu sealed box
Kenwood KAC-8105D, 500w rms (sub)
Hifonics Zeus zxi 4406, 55w rms per/ch (Doors)

Joe Hauler for Dirt Bike
Curt Receiver
Hella 550's converted to HID
Philips Crystal Vision Ultra 4000k Halogen Headlight Bulbs
Firestik II 4' CB antenna
Custom made roof rack powdercoated black with 4 55w KC 57 series lights (2 driving, 2 spot)

Goodyear Gatorback Belt and tensioner pulley

Suspension & Tires:
I was finally able to measure against my Grandpa's stock 2010 (same everything as mine but stock) and got accurate lift amounts.
Measurements taken from hub to fender = tire size irrelevant

Lift: 3.25" front, 1.25" rear
MD TJM Extended Travel coilovers
Bilstein 5125's
SLR Shackles
265 75 16 Cooper Discoverer ATP's (Awesome!)
Helwig 550's helper springs

Pro 4x Oil, trans, and gas tank skids (thanks to SudingUSNavy)

Kool Vue CAI
EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads

Gear and Other:
Tow strap/shackles, Jumper cables, Viair 70P compressor, folding shovel, etc
Viper 3002 Alarm + keyless
Snow Chains
Cooking supplies (stove, bbq, pots and pans)
California USFS Annual Adventure Pass

In Progress:
OME Dakar HD rear leaf packs


The day I bought it from my grandpa on my birthday in 09:) Only 20k on it and was kept in the garage for all of the 3 years he had it. Absolute perfect condition.

After Lift

Pre Lift




Jacoby Canyon (Big Bear) more difficult obstacle:

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These are kind of old pics but I thought I would add some more pics of my camping setup. I need to take some more recent ones..... Its still being improved on with every trip out, so far it has served my girlfriend and I quite well:) Next step is a slide out table right above the bins for cooking and speakers back there for the drive in and just hanging out:)


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Nice truck. 2 pillows in the back.....who else do you bring to these desert "camping" trips hahaha

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Thanks, it actually stays surprisingly warm. Its such a small space that body heat keeps it pretty nice. I've been told as well that a single candle will heat the shell quite nicely, yet I haven't tried it because it makes me nervous..... Open flame inside when I'm asleep..... Sounds not to good to me. I usually just bring some heavy quilts and I'm fine at night. At first its cold, but after about 10mins its nice and toasty:)

Usually its just me if its a dirt bike trip (nice and roomy :) ), but my girlfriend and I have taken it to lots of other places in So Cal hence the 2nd pillow. Its really a great setup, I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

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So I was bored over the holiday weekend and decided to get a few things done on the truck.
The first thing was fix the awful alignment job Express Tire did after i put in the Bils up front, after they said it was done, it still had very positive camber. So much so that my tire had already begun to wear unevenly. I checked the alignment cams and they looked as though they hadn't been moved:( So, I brought it back:) and they redeemed themselves by re-doing the entire alignment for free no questions asked:D Can't complain about that.


I added some switches:) I put in a 3 position switch so that I could turn on the stereo without the keys in the ignition and no beeping:fantastic: The 3 way switch allows it to work as it normally does with the key in, or flip the switch and its on:) I also added 2 other switches to turn off the amps when im trying to conserve battery power(1 under seat, other next to 3 way). While I had the dash ripped apart I figured I'd run the speaker wire from the unused rear speaker leads into the shell that way I can have low power tunes for tailgating, camping, or just hanging out back there. I didn't want them on all the time though so, back to The Shack i go for more switches and a box to put them in:) This way they can be turned on and off:)

I got lazy:laugh:

Working:/ While everyone else got to work on their Fronty......

Let me know what you think!



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I think I would sacrifice my crew cab to have a bed in the back, not to mention the longer bed anyway. Nice!

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haha yea thanks, I definitely like having it. Its just long enough for me to lay out straight, I'm only 5' 11" so it works out perfectly:) Although I would like to be able to carry more than one other person with out cramming them in back "seats"(more like pads). Each has its benefits for sure. I guess the best combo would be a crew cab long bed if you can handle the size.

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So I was playing around with Photo Chop today to get a visual description of what I want my truck to look like, as I was inspired by anther tuck (a Ford Ranger, don't tell anyone... haha). A really nice truck that did a 22,000 mile trip from as far South in the US to the farthest North. Great story along the way. Can be read here:
North America - Safari Pacific
With details on the truck here:
Safari Pacific Exploration Ford Ranger

Anyways after seeing his truck and what he did with it I thought I might pretend dress up mine to see how it looks:) I think it Turned out alright:

Basically all my dreams of armor, function, and of course, MORE LIFT!:nana: Looking back on the pic now, I think that may be more than I want.... But o well:noworries:

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Thanks guys. Jenior, after walking away from the pic and seeing it again, I don't think I will go that high..... for my I think 3.5" would be about right. So I should be able to get away with the 265s. And I'm glad to hear that you like the rear bumper, my girlfriend doesn't:( so I may tweak it a bit before I have it made. But it is my truck though so maybe not. Haha. The roof rack is for sure being made in the near future and maybe the rear bumper, but the rest is just me playing around:)
pathfinder, you can definitely make this set up pretty easily, you just have to be ok with draw back of having a shell. You don't have to have a sleeping platform, that way you still have a bed. On EXPOthere are tons of similar setups, if your looking for other options.

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What doesn't she like about the rear bumper? Looks like it complements the truck's lines and offers good wrap around protection.

Although looking at it again, I do have one criticism. The front bumper, sliders, and roof rack all are kinda squarish, but the rear bumper is really rounded. It would probably all flow better if you either rounded up the lines on the front bumper and sliders, or squared up the lines on the rear bumper.

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I just think that she's just not a fan of a tube bumper, and the cost of having one made when the one that I have now is perfect. My justification was that it will allow me increase my departure angle, lift the bike about 6" higher off the ground, side body protection, a step on the sides to be able to reach the rack, and a good high lift jack point if i ever get stuck. I will probably just do it anyway though, once i have the money since I'd like to have the rack and bumper powdercoated at the same time. And on the design, I may tweek the rack a bit to match the bumper, because i feel your right about the round vs. square issue.....Is there anything that you feel is a must have on either the rack or bumper? I feel like i put a lot of thought into what i want on each but once they go into the booth, i'd rather not have to add anything else to them. Thanks

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Sounds like you've got it pretty well thought out. You do a lot more with your truck than I do with mine. I guess just make sure you know where you want the Hi Lift and the spare tire to live, in case you decide to design the bumpers or roof rack accordingly.
I would like to think I do, but I feel like i might still be missing something. And I would say I may do more mods, but you definitely have me beat on wheeling. haha I have a feeling that the Hi Lift will probably be on the rack, but I'm not sure about the tire. I was toying with the idea of a water tank where the spare is currently, yet the tire would take up a good chunk of the rack. Just gonna have to think on it I guess.

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I might have you beat on wheeling, but that's the ONLY thing I do with my truck. You camp in yours and haul a bike and all kinds of other cool sh*t.

Have you considered mounting the spare tire on the rear bumper?

Every possible mounting option for a spare tire sucks. Too bad it's something we need to carry all the time.

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Haha thanks:)

And I did consider that, only problem is that it would make it difficult to get in and out of the shell and it may cause problems with carrying the bike. Although it does have some perks.... I may have to take some measurements to see if its doable. The bumper swing gate may be useful for other things as well. Actually, this is sounding better and better in my mind, i just need to see how to make it work. Thanks for the idea:)
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